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We are Bounce Forward – a charity dedicated to teaching resilience skills, so the young can navigate through our complex world. Founded by Emma Judge and Lucy Bailey in 2009, Bounce Forward (formerly How to Thrive) was incubated within Hertfordshire County Council for the first 7 years and became an independent charity in 2016.

We are the only organisation in Europe with a license to teach the Penn Resilience Programme.

Our core principles:

  • Resilience is not just about overcoming setbacks it’s also about making the most of opportunities
  • We base our approach and training on solid research, theory and evidence
  • We teach skills and strategies that work in the real world
  • The adults matter: their role is vital in helping children and young people be resilient and thrive

Central Team


Associate Team

A diverse training team of 30 specialists deliver the Bounce Forward training courses:


Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board experience spans:


the number of teachers that Bounce Forward has trained to date

“We have been teaching resilience for 4 years and reached 900 students. We have embedded lessons firmly into our year 7 curriculum so that students are able to manage themselves in their new environment and are learning skills that will be useful as they move through the school. We have seen the impact of the PRP lessons for students first hand; they have greater confidence, more accurate and flexible thinking styles and a greater willingness to talk about their concerns and feelings.”

Kate Smith

Headteacher, Monk's Walk School


the number of schools that Bounce Forward has trained to date

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