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This 3-day training course provides Youth and Community Service workers with the tools to deliver a highly participative, engaging and informative 5-module course to young people in a community and non-school setting. It helps young people build their personal resilience and self-awareness, and engages them to develop helpful thinking habits and better reactionary methods to challenging situations. The modules are based on stories, conversations and reflection to challenge thinking.

    The Overview

  • Course Duration

    3 days (2 consecutive and the 3rd with at least a 1-week gap)

  • Delivery Type

    Day 1 and 2 is presentation led, individual participation activities, individual tasks shared with group. Peer and trainer feedback, paired and whole group discussion. Day 3 covers the materials for young people and practiced in small groups with feedback from trainers and peers

  • Suitable For

    Youth and Community Services, non-school or out of school setting

  • Aim

    To help young people to improve their reactions to challenging situations and strong emotions

  • Price

    £570 per person

  • Outcomes

    • Young people gain tools to deal better in difficult and testing situations
    • Young people have the knowledge of and ability to be more resilient allowing a happier, healthier outlook on life
    • Young people are able to change emotional and unhelpful decisions and thinking habits, with a greater ability to rationalise

In a bit more detail:

A 5-module course designed to be delivered in a number of settings with different sized groups, either as a whole day event or as a series of sessions over a number of days/weeks. They work particularly well as part of local delivery social action and life skills programmes such as the National Citizenship Service s(NCS) programmes.  They are effective as part of a broader programme and on their own.

Course format:

  • What is resilience?
  • Why do we react the way we do?
  • Managing our emotions
  • Introducing the Gremlins of Resilience
  • Challenging the Gremlins of Resilience

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