The Penn Resilience Programme (PRP) is an evidence-based set of 18 cognitive and behavioural lessons developed at the University of Pennsylvania delivered as high-quality teaching materials for pupils. As part of the course we train teachers to consider and develop their own personal resilience to model it to pupils. The latter part of the course provides an insight and practice sessions for teaching the curriculum to young people. Bounce Forward is the only partner in Europe licensed to deliver the PRP curriculum and Emma Judge (co-founder) is the only UK based University of Pennsylvania Lead Trainer.  Once the training is complete, participants become licensed PRP teachers.


  • Duration

    5 full days (split over 2 weeks)

  • Delivery

    Presentations as a large group, followed by group work, paired work and individual and group practice

  • For

    Teachers teaching students in Years 5, 6 and 7

  • Aim

    To equip staff with skills and specialist knowledge to teach the PRP curriculum in school, whilst students gain in-depth teaching and learning to develop essential resilience skills for in and beyond schools through lessons and homework assignments

  • Price

    £1375 per person.

  • Outcomes

    • Teachers become licensed PRP teachers for life and receive curriculum materials for years 5, 6 and 7
    • Teachers develop their own resilience skills, critical to enhancing well-being and professional development
    • Students develop a sophisticated understanding about their thinking and how this impacts on how they feel and behave
    • Students develop skills to think accurately and flexibly and apply these to real life situations to help them solve problems effectively, keep things in perspective, not give up and enhance optimism and confidence

In a bit more detail:



Intensive 5 days training which focuses on adult learning of the 7 resilience skills and 6 resilience competencies, and practice to teach the 18 evidence-based lessons.  The course is split as follows:

  • Days 1, 2 and 3 focus on adult level learning of each of the resilience skills. Each skill is practiced in 3 ways, a walk through, a practice, and prepared and personal examples, followed by individual trainer feedback. A debrief of the skill in the group encourages discussion on the application of the skill personally and in a school environment.
  • Day 3 turns to the introduction of teaching materials
  • Days 4 and 5 focus on taking sections of a lesson and ‘teaching’ the group in small sections

Learning Outcomes

For teachers:

  • Explore concept of resilience, develop an understanding of resilience to protect against depression and enhancing the well-being of young people
  • Learn about your own resilience and how to enhance it
  • Learn to apply the 7 resilience skills to real challenges
  • Explore creative and proven ways to pass these skills on to young people

For students:

  • 54 learning outcomes on 7 resilience skills
  • Learn a range of coping strategies, problem solving and social skills

Further Information

Download a summary of 18 PRP lessons


Full Resilience Curriculum

After completing this course teachers are eligible to deliver our Pro Resilience Booster curriculum for years 8, 9, 10 & 11

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“Students arrive on time; they are enthusiastic and want to do activities. They are disappointed when they have to miss their PRP lessons.”


Michael Tomlinson, Carlton le Willows Academy

“The training was extremely helpful and useful and it provided me with a fresh look at how to think about things and also how to help students in the school. I thought the examples that were used were really good and helped make the content clear.”


Jonathan Mandel, The Buckingham School

“Teachers are hopelessly overloaded and stressed. New = more work in most people’s minds. The PRP, however, is something that could make teachers’ as well as students’ lives more fluent and enjoyable.”


Claire Foster, Icknield Community College

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