Master Resilience


This two-day development programme is ideal for those working in the public sector where personal resilience is a requirement to deal with daily changing and demanding environments. We introduce staff to resilience skills and raise awareness of their importance in creating a thriving workplace. Staff gain a better understanding of their own resilience and their responses to setbacks and opportunities, thus creating a more informed outlook and approach to situations. We design each programme to the specific needs of the service or organisation.

    The Overview

  • Course Duration

    2 days

  • Delivery Type

    Presentations, participation activity, paired and whole group discussion

  • Suitable For

    Public sector staff such as those in education, health, social care, police, community teams

  • Aim

    To build a thorough understanding of the core skills of resilience, introducing ways in which to apply the skills practically in the workplace to maximise one’s own potential and foster thriving teams

  • Price

    £4,000 per programme

  • Outcomes

    • Staff understand the concept of resilience and what we can gain from the research on the topic
    • Staff understand why personal resilience is so important
    • An introduction and practical exploration of the core resilient thinking skills, allowing staff to explore habits of thinking and tips about how to manage these, both positive and negative
    • Staff understand the benefits of adopting a growth mindset and how to channel energy in more useful ways
    • Staff explore and identify their strengths and how to be at their best
    • To plan and share ideas surrounding implementation of the skills to take back and utilise to foster a thriving workplace

In a bit more detail:

This course uses the same principals and theory of the PRP but has been adapted to create a more flexible approach applied outside of a school setting that focuses on personal resilience. If you are looking for something more in depth based owned by Penn University, please see the following courses: Pro Personal and Pro PRP.

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“The training was the best I have been on in a number of years. It was engaging and thought provoking throughout and remained focused and relevant.”

Master Resilience

Social Worker, Buckinghamshire

“I felt uncomfortable sharing my strengths but this turned out to be useful because the parents I work with experience this when I ask them to complete activities.”

Master Resilience

School Nurse, Hertfordshire

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