Master for Leaders


This course provides headteachers with the skills to thrive personally, leading to improved outcomes for their school. Headteachers gain a deep understanding of the impact of their leadership and the course merges the importance of resilience as a set of skills to effectively deliver their responsibilities. As a result, leaders gain knowledge to implement resilience as means to improve staff and pupil well-being, helping a school to thrive. Participants have the opportunity to discuss challenges amongst peers and specialised trainers. It also creates an opportunity to pull together a new peer support network and a safe environment to explore new ways of thinking to enable resilient leadership.

    The Overview

  • Course Duration

    2 modules around 6 weeks apart. Each module is 2 consecutive days

  • Delivery Type

    Presentations, individual participation activities, individual tasks shared with group. Peer and trainer feedback, paired and whole group discussion. Between modules tasks are set and journal kept.

  • Suitable For

    Headteachers, Deputy and Assistant Heads of primary and secondary schools, and colleges

  • Aim

    For school leaders to explore the concept of resilience and develop the skills and understanding required to thrive. They will come away with the tools and knowledge to implement these teachings into their school curriculum and school ethos.

  • Price

    £995 per person

  • Outcomes

    • Leaders are able to consider the development of resilience in the context of their challenges
    • The skills to understand and explore personal resilience, including ways to enhance energy levels to maintain a high performance to model to others
    • Increase awareness of how to build and sustain constructive relationships in difficult times
    • To develop a more acute understanding of the best course of action in challenging situations, and appropriate reactions to set a standard
    • Headteachers will be more informed role models to their staff and pupils

In a bit more detail:

First module includes:

  • Shadow of the leader
  • Resilient thinking skills
  • Energy, emotions and performance

Second module includes:

  • Resilient relationships
  • Growth mindsets
  • Releasing potential in relationships
  • Strengths and values

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“I have often thought about the resilience of others, as I have always felt resilient myself which of course I am. So I had not expected to get some much out of 4 days. It has been an inspiring and challenging experience and one I will never forget. These approaches, skills, ways of thinking are relevant in every aspect of life. I would highly recommend it to all senior leaders in schools.”

Master for Leaders

Jeremy Scott, Headteacher, The John Warner School

“Many, many thanks to you for the most productive CPD days I have ever had. You left me quite exhausted but really positive and clear about the place resilience can play within my leadership role and life generally.”

Master for Leaders

Lidia Cattrell, Headteacher, Crosshill Provision

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