Essentials for Trainee Teachers


The development day provides a thorough introduction to resilience through a practical session, allowing trainee teachers to gain a better understanding of their own resilience to support them through their teacher training enabling them to better respond to the programme of learning or training. This course integrates learning the foundational skills of resilience during the training period of aspiring teachers, to be able to integrate the necessary teachings from the outset of their career. By having this grounding in resilience, they are then able to transfer this knowledge to engage with and support their future pupils.

    The Overview

  • Course Duration

    1 day

  • Delivery Type

    Presentations, participation activity, paired and whole group discussion

  • Suitable For

    Trainee teachers, NQT, ITT

  • Aim

    To introduce and apply the foundational skills of resilience during the teacher training period. Trainees will recognise their own resilience, will have considered how to apply it as part of their training journey and be ready to enter the workplace with the skills to support and model resilience within their school and pupils.

  • Price

    £1500 + travel

  • Outcomes

    • Trainees understand what we mean by the concept of resilience and what we can gain from the research on the topic
    • Trainees explore their own resilience and consider practical ways to build and model resilience
    • An introduction and practical exploration of the foundational resilient thinking skills, allowing staff to explore habits of thinking and tips and how to manage these, both positive and negative
    • Trainees gain vital skills in supporting and understanding resilience to take forward with them throughout their careers

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