What We Do

We give schools training, skills and resources to build their young people’s resilience.

Research is at the heart of our work.  All evidence shows that using and modelling the skills of resilience is the most powerful way of passing them on.  Therefore, adults matter.  We deliver inspiring courses that are based on solid research, theory and evidence.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on this simple premise – “if we want to pass on skills of resilience to others, we must apply them in our own lives first.”


  • Train teachers and parents to be more resilient and to pass on the skills to young children
  • Learn about what works in schools and create the interventions to make a difference
  • Influence the education system through our research to cultivate the resilience of adults tomorrow


Our Training

We deliver flexible, practical programmes that transform behaviour and learning. Our curricula, modules and training are challenging, memorable, informative and enjoyable, and designed to allow enough time for theory, reflection, practice.

The programmes enable adults and student to connect thoughts, feelings and behaviour. These are essential resilience skills useful both in and out of school.

Our training courses allow participants to receive extensive coaching and feedback from the qualified training team. Research has identified that the quality of the teacher training is paramount for achieving successful outcomes for children and young people. Investing time to learn how adults can be more resilient is vital to achieving positive outcomes for the young.

The Penn Resilience Programme (PRP) is our most intensive course and we are the only institution in Europe licensed to deliver it. Once completed, you receive a lifetime license to teach the PRP to children and young people. Do you want to become part of our growing community of certified PRP teachers? 


We are the exclusive license holder in the UK to train the Penn Resilience Programme (PRP).

We have had about 15 staff trained through Bounce Forward and without exception, they have always been rated extremely highly. This is for the quality of the courses, the quality of delivery, the quality of resources and the quality of their knowledge, skills and passion about the professional development they deliver.

Carole Black

Assistant Head Teacher, Dr Challoner's Grammar School

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